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Steve Harvey Made A Dying Man’s Wish Come True

All whimsical Steve Harvey is a funny man, for the most part. He may well be a compassionate one too, thanks to his recent act of kindness.

Steve Harvey is a jack of several trades, one could argue. He has a long list in his resume over the course of decades. Believe it when the list says – boxer, salesman, cleaner, mailman, talk show host, actor and comedian among others. Besides, the 60-year-old shows no signs of signing-off any time soon. Way to go Steve!

Steve Harvey: Family Feud

If somone defines the term humble beginnings, it’s indeed the person in question here. Steve was born to a coal miner and the journey so far wasn’t quite a joy ride. Also, there were days when he was homeless, trying to make it in the stand-up comedy scene. Lest you forget, Steve was not the only comedian in 1985.

For a person who has seen so much success in the wake of his initial breakthrough, he’s down-to-earth. When he heard of a man’s plight, it didn’t take him long to write-off a cheque amounting to 25 grands. Steve himself recollects the incident in one of his home videos and he makes the audience empathetic.

He begins by recollecting the day when a man who was sweating profusely was present at his show, the Family Feud. The game show provides an opportunity to make money by playing some games, needless to say. After persistent efforts, the man in question won a whopping 20 grands. There’s a catch, however.

Steve Harvey: Act of Kindness

After winning the money, the man collapsed next to Steve in disbelief and exhilaration. The host, on the other hand, took exception and looked at the man for his response. The man opens up on his terminal ill condition and three months of time he has at his disposal. Moreover, the man was playing the game to gather a substantial amount to leave his family with.

Upon hearing this, Steve was taken aback, of course. Subsequently, Steve gave him an additional 25 grands from his own pockets, reports Faith It. Perhaps, the phrase – ‘it takes one to know one’ is apt in this situation. Steve has seen his fair share of struggles, hence he just couldn’t help but reach out. Kindness is a greatest virtue of all.

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