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How To Stay Sober Like Demi Lovato For Five Years

Demi Lovato is an inspirational star. She’s not the perfect person having gone through several personal struggles in the past. From depression to self-harm, to alcohol and drugs, Lovato’s record isn’t squeaky clean. But that’s what makes her amazing because she’s managed to conquer it all.

Recently, Lovato posted on her Instagram how she’s celebrating 5 years of being sober. We’re proud of her and her achievement. It also makes us wonder how do you stay sober just like Lovato. Below are tips you can use to stay sober after going through rehab.

Demi Lovato Advises To Avoid Temptation

Were you addicted to drugs? Get rid of it. Were you addicted to alcohol? Get rid of it. Even Demi Lovato admitted that she had to avoid temptation.

In an interview last year with Refinery29, Lovato shared that she can’t do parties anymore because it could trigger her. So if you’re trying to stay sober from alcohol and drugs, avoid them like the plague.

Involve Your Friends And Family

In Lovato’s Instagram post, she thanked her family and friends for supporting her. In all honesty, the chances of conquering your addiction are better off with your loved ones near you and supporting you. You’re not a perfect person to be able to deal with your addiction alone. No one’s that strong. If you have, then you’re one of the few who can. But if you haven’t, that’s okay. You are not alone and involving your friends and family will help.

Find A Healthy Lifestyle

Go hiking or swimming. Take yoga classes. Adopt a pet. These are healthy choices to maintaining a sober lifestyle. You don’t need booze or drugs to cheer you up. You might find it surprising that the simple things in life can help you with your depression. Exercising and finding a fun way to distract you from your worries will help you deal with your troubles little by little.

Spread The Word

There are thousands of people out there who are suffering the same addiction you have. They might feel the way you felt when you were on the road to being sober. They’ll need that push to help them overcome the hardships they’re in.

Enroll in programs that allow you to share and help people get through their own addiction. Helping others is actually infectious and the joy of spreading good deeds can touch other people’s lives. Your story can serve as someone else’s strength too.

Even Demi Lovato admits there are times she wanted to relapse. So don’t be ashamed of what you went through or how you still feel about it. Remember, involve your friends and family and avoid temptations. There are simple yet fool proof ways to help stay sober.

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