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SPICA Disbandment: Members Reveal Their Feelings To Fans In A Heartfelt Letter

One month has passed since 2017 began and so many things has happened in the KPop industry. There are good news like BTS’ comeback in February and the return of Super Junior mid-2017. However, there are sad news as well like 2NE1’s farewell song to the fans and SPICA disbandment.

SPICA is a girl group that debuted under B2M Entertainment in 2012. They are known for their powerful vocals and live performances. In 2015, the group separated from B2M Entertainment then signed an exclusive contract with CJ E&M. Their popular tracks include Russian Roulette, You Don’t Love Me, and Because of You.

SPICA Disbandment: It’s A Good Five Years

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SPICA, also known as Lee Hyori’s little sister group, is disbanding. A representative from CJ E&M confirmed the reports about SPICA. According to the source, the members already agreed to a disbandment and they are discussing each member’s futures.

“The members of SPICA are still discussing whether they’ll go to different companies individually. Thoughts of moving to another agency as a whole group is also being considered,” the source said.

SPICA disbandment may be confirmed by the agency but the members assured the fans that it is not the end for them. The leader of the group, Kim Boa, wrote a letter for the fans then posted it in their fan cafe. The members, on the other hand, uploaded the letter to their own Instagram accounts.

The letter began with an apology to the fans about the shocking news. Boa also requested the fans to support the members in whatever paths they may take. She also promised that SPICA will always be there with the fans, whether the group is apart or together.

“We can’t tell when SPICA will be together again. But we want you to know that this is not the end for us!” Boa said.

SPICA Narae: “It’s not an official disbandment”

Member Narae talked about SPICA disbandment when she appeared as guest on MBC FM4U’s Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon. There, the singer revealed that the group’s disbandment is not “really official”.

“We are just going to say farewell to our current label and find new ones individually. If the opportunity comes, we will release an album together. For now, we will focus on solo activities,” Narae explained.

When pointed out by a guest that it’s the same as a disbandment, Narae replied, “Our contract with our label just ended. Even so, we are still dreaming of a future where the five of us is complete.”

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