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Sophia Bush Chad Murray Divorce: Lessons Learned!

It surprised many people when the Sophia Bush Chad Murray wedding news was announced. What shocked the people even more was when the couple called it off on Sept. 25, five months after they tied the knot. The two divorced after Murray allegedly cheated on Bush with socialite Paris Hilton.

The media was in a frenzy, trying to get the sides of both Murray and Bush regarding their failed marriage. However, Bush remained quiet on the issue while Murray engaged in relationships with other women. After 11 years, Sophia Bush finally opened up.

Sophia Bush Chad Murray: What She Learned

The 34-year-old Chicago P.D. actress revealed her thoughts about the matter in a letter published by Cosmopolitan. The article, titled Why To Stop Seeking The One, can be seen in the February 2017 issue of the magazine.  Regarding the Sophia Bush Chad Murray divorce, Bush wrote about how she reflected on their brief marriage. She also talked about what it was like to work with him in One Tree Hill after separation.

“When I was starting my career as an actor, I was not looking for a relationship. However, one found me and it became serious even though I planned to settle down in my 30s. When that person you’re with proposes to you, you’ll think “This is happening because it’s destined to happen,” Bush wrote.

She also wrote why she remained quiet on the issue. According to Bush, she did not let the relationship define who she was. She wrote that it was one of the biggest events in her life and the trauma she experienced increased thanks to the issue’s huge publicity.

“It was something strange and foreign to a girl who was just a college kid and then 2 years later her life became a mess,” Bush said.

On The Positive Side Of Things…

In the middle of her letter, Bush wrote that she realized every relationship has a purpose. She went on how some relationships can heal while others can teach a person to trust his or her own intuition. She also added how not all love can last forever, in reference to the Sophia Bush Chad Murray divorce.

Bush concluded, “You will open the doors to endless possibilities once you don’t pressure yourself to find The One. You’ll get to have a deep relationship with yourself. When that happens, everything will happen the way you wanted them to be.”

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