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SNL Korea: What’s With All The Sexual Assault Controversies?

Late night comedy show SNL Korea is under fire after a video emerged online showing how some of the female comedians treated the show’s male guests. Fans of the groups B1A4 and INFINITE were shocked and upset when they saw the comedians groping members of the boy bands in the footage.

The controversies started when a clip of the behind-the-scenes from SNL Korea was uploaded on social media. The video started with a short introduction from a comedian, saying that B1A4 will finally guest host the show after member Jinyoung’s latest drama finished. The video caused shock and outrage among fans when the female comedians grabbed the B1A4 members’ privates instead of shaking their hands. The members looked startled before bursting into laughter.

Another clip was leaked and this time, it was the members of INFINITE who were receiving the same treatment. In addition to that, another video showed the members of hip-hop group Block B being groped by the same female comedians after doing an introduction.

A tradition of the show

Picture Credit: Screenshot from the video "INFINITE SNL KOREA Sexual harassment.!" taken from the YouTube Channel Alizon Winder

Picture Credit: Screenshot from the video “INFINITE SNL KOREA Sexual harassment.!” taken from the YouTube Channel Alizon Winder

Despite the angry fans and netizens, the staff of SNL Korea simply said that the act was simply a type of ceremony of the show and that the female comedians did not really touch the idols. In addition to that, it was reported that all male celebrities were also touched the same way. However, the controversy grew and netizens began to use the hashtag “SNL sexual harrassment” on social media to express their resentment. This led to SNL Korea, and one of the comedians Lee Se Young, to issue an apology to B1A4 and their fans.

According to All KPop, the staff of the show posted an apology in their official Facebook page: “Hello, this is ‘SNL Korea’. We apologize to the B1A4 members and their fans about the violent actions against the hosts B1A4 in the video that was released on Facebook on the 26th. It was an unfitting action toward the hosts, and we will be careful that this does not happen again. We apologize once again to B1A4 members and their fans.”

On the other hand, Lee Se Yong wrote in her Instagram: “Hello, this is Lee Se Young. I apologize for worrying everyone with my wrongful actions. I personally apologized to each individual member on set, and with this letter, I want to once again apologize to all the fans and B1A4 members. I’ll reflect on my actions time and again so that something like this does not happen again. I sincerely apologize.”

What about INFINITE and Block B?

After the apologies were posted online, fans were still not content. They pointed out that the show must apologize to Block B, Infinite, and the other male celebrities who went through the same experience. Netizens also pointed out that what the female comedians did was clearly sexual assault and if a man did it to female celebrities, he would already be in jail for such act. B1A4 and their agency already acknowledged the apology, but what about the other groups and celebrities? Will the show also apologize for what their staff did?


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