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Shirtless Tiger Woods Photo Becomes A Joke On Social Media- Welcome Mac Daddy Santa

Christmas Time brings out even the socially recluse people out! Well, there’s not much one can do by staying away from all the craziness that ensues. Tiger Woods, may be, is reveling in much holiday spirit (pun unintended) during the festive season. Well, with one tweet he is back in the game.

Tiger Woods seems to have a very different view of how Santa looks like. His followers on social media saw the golfer in a completely different avatar. He tweeted a photo out in the spirit of Christmas and that is where the trolling began.

Tiger Woods: What Were You Thinking?

Twitter exploded when Tiger Woods posted a shirtless picture of him apparently looking like Santa. Please note the word “apparently”! He put a caption on the photo which reads, “Xmas tradition that my kids love. Mac Daddy Santa is back! –TW.”

His chest busting, nipple showing picture with an “apparent” white wig was a rage on Twitter. Many grabbed the opportunity to make fun of the picture and some of the tweets are downright hilarious!

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Mac Daddy Santa is going to stick with Tiger Woods reputation for a long time! Many are tagging their friends just so that they can see Tiger Woods Shirtless on their Twitter feed. Some female users are begging for the photo to disappear from their timeline.

The Journey of Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods moved from winning 14 golf majors to becoming the face of adulterous affairs. In 2009, wife Elin Nordegren chased him out of the house with a golf club, after she came to know about his affair with nightclub hostess Rachel Uchitel.

Since this affair broke out, it was revealed that he has liaisons with many other women. This startling revelation led to the downfall in his reputation as a family man and respected sportsperson. Well, he seems to be back in the limelight, this time not for affairs, or winning a golfing major but for well a shirtless Santa picture!

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