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Shania Twain Comeback Story Both Shocking and Inspiring

Shania Twain is making a comeback. Her personal journey has been no less than a roller coaster ride. From losing her husband to her best friend to suffering from a vocal disorder, Twain has fought a lot of demons, but she’s not going to let these beat her down.

The singer is getting ready to bring out her new solo studio album to the world after 15 years.  A recent interview in Rolling Stones Magazine reveals the singer’s journey from her divorce, illness and now to her comeback.

Shania Twain Comeback Album

Shania Twain’s album is ready to come out this year and the world can’t wait to hear the country singer croon some tunes again.

The comeback album by Shania Twain is definitely keeping the singer happy. She says, “I’m so overdue! I feel like I just need to keep making albums now.” The album will consist of songs and tunes that the singer has been storing on various recording devices over the years.

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Her new album is going to chronicle the painful journey that she went through in her life. She says it includes “painful and melancholy ballads that evolved into completely upbeat songs” to “triumphant” girl-power rockers as reported by EW. It seems like it’s been an uphill journey for the singer.  She says after finishing the album she felt like she had “climbed a huge mountain”.

Disturbing Separation from her Husband and Producer

Dark days for Twain began when her husband asked her for a divorce to be with her best friend. Her husband of 15 years asked for a divorce as he was having an affair with her best friend Marie-Ann Thiebaud. The Forever and For Always singer and Marie-Anne were very close friends.

The affair between Shania Twain’s husband and her best friend only came to light when he asked her for a divorce. No doubt she felt cheated by her best friend to whom she was confiding about her troubled marriage. The 51-year-old singer suffered a panic attack when her husband asked for a divorce.

The panic attack also caused physiological disorders to the singer. She lost her voice for a while and was diagnosed with dysphonia, where the voice box is affected because of fear and stress.

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The only hope that kept her pushing through is her 15-year-old son Eja, who was eight when she went through the divorce reports Mail Online. Despite all the pain and turmoil, she says this about her husband, “I will always love him. You can’t just turn love on and off. I will never be okay with what they did.”

It looks like only good days are ahead for the singer though. It looks like she is stoked about her new album so hopefully, this will rule the charts soon.

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