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Selena Movie: Real-life Widower Chris Perez Live Blogged Surreal Experience Of Watching It First Time

It’s been 20 years since the Selena movie came out. So perhaps it’s odd to hear the eponymous singer’s widower, Chris Perez, just saw the movie in its (near) entirety just this week. But that’s what happened, and he did it in the most appropriate way possible in the social media age: by live-blogging about it.

Known as the queen of Tejano music, Selena was the frontwoman for her band, Selena y los Dinos. When it came to Latino music, they were among the biggest hits between the mid-80’s and early 90’s. Billboard was soon calling her “the top Latin artist of the decade”. Chris Perez joined the group in 1989 and the two were soon involved romantically.

But tragedy struck in 1995, when a former friend of the band’s, Yolanada Saldivar, shot Selena dead in a hotel.

Selena Movie – A Late Viewing

A biopic of the artist’s life was released in 1997. The Selena movie starred a young Jennifer Lopez as the title character. But Chris, still distraught from the murder of his wife, had his eyes closed “half the time” during its initial screening.

In the twenty-two years since, Chris had avoided watching the movie. But with a glass of wine, he finally sat down long enough to watch a majority of the film from the top, taking advantage of a History channel airing. “Wish me luck,” he posted. “This is gonna be surreal.”

Throughout his viewing, fans joined him online, following his comments and reactions along the way. When his character (played by Jon Seda) appeared, he remarked, “Wow… I was HOT!”

He also commented on some other depictions on the Selena movie. Some remarked on its accuracy (“Yup. She LOOOVED pizza.”) Some remarked on omissions as well (“We were married by this point. Movie doesn’t show that.”)

And he was candid throughout the whole viewing. When the film depicted how he and a friend once trashed a hotel room, he commented on that one too: “Not one of my prouder moments. But I paid THOUSANDS in damages. Lesson Learned. She… was… PISSED.”

A Different Kind of Closure

The only part of the Selena movie Chris Perez refused to watch was the end, which depicted his widow’s death. He did, however, give props to Jennifer Lopez, whom he said did ” a great [expletive] job.”

That was even crazier than the movie shows. I thought we were not gonna make it out.

Posted by Chris Perez on Monday, February 6, 2017

In the twenty-two years since Selena’s death, Chris Perez has managed to get back on his feet. He was able to make waves in the music industry again, releasing the album Resurrection in the early 2000’s. But perhaps, this viewing will give him a different kind of closure. He signed off amidst a legion of fans thanking him for his live commentary.

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