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Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Song Leak: Feel Me Studio Version Reportedly About Ex Now Viral

Selena Gomez is making headlines after she went public about her relationship with The Weeknd. Now, she is under the spotlight again after the studio version of her song Feel Me has been leaked online. Gomez hasn’t commented on the issue yet, but the leak posed many questions surrounding her fame. Rumor has it that Feel Me is a song she wrote for her ex Justin Bieber. Is there any truth that Gomez simply cannot get over her long-time on-and-off beau? Read on to find out!

Selena Gomez Feel Me leak: Song Allegedly Written For Justin Bieber

A report from Bustle raised suspicions that Gomez’ new track was written for her ex, Justin Bieber. The lyrics greatly spoke of the depth of one’s relationship, which all Jelena fans were quick to notice. Many fans also remember Gomez’ track in 2014 entitled The Heart Wants What It Wants which was a declaration of her heartache after her failed relationship with the Canadian pop star. On the other hand, Bieber released the upbeat track Where Are U Now, which he wrote with Diplo and Skrillex, about a “lover who didn’t stand by the singer during hard times.”

The former couple, while not in speaking terms as of late, have been somewhat communicating through the songs they released. Interestingly, Gomez’ new track Feel Me is not spared by this rumor. In it, Gomez clearly gets the message across of fearing that she will be forgotten by her former love, even if it sounds like she still has some feelings for him. When the song was announced earlier this year, Bieber also posted a throwback photo of himself and Gomez locking lips with the caption, “Feels.” The same publication notes how Gomez “approved” and even commented on the same photo briefly, writing “Perfect.”

Selena Gomez Song Studio Version Leaks Ahead Of Official Release

Latin Post describes, Feel Me is a  “sensuous-tinged” version of Good For You.

“Every time you dance with somebody, I want you to feel me,” Gomez sings on the new track which have been re-posted on different websites.

The other writers of Selena Gomez’s It Ain’t Me include Ali Tamposi, Andrew Watt, and Brian Lee. Incidentally, these were the same guys behind Bieber and DJ Snake’s smash hit Let Me Love You. This new update definitely fans the flames of rumors saying that Feel Me is indeed a song that Gomez wrote about her estranged love.

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