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Selena Gomez Feels Not Good Enough, Cannot Wait For People To Forget Her

Selena Gomez is having a transformation of sorts in her image portrayal. From a child artist to a teen icon, her journey is worthy of turning into a book. The singer had humble beginnings, worked her way up, and is now a sought-after artist and an ambassador for brands.

Presently, the most followed celebrity on Instagram and the face for brand Coach, the singer is seeing better days ahead of her. The journey has not been very easy- going back two years, Selena Gomez went through a struggle against lupus, subsequent anxiety and panic attacks. She shut down her career for good and took some time for herself.

Selena Gomez Feelings About Stardom

Even if Selena Gomez could have her way, she would not want any spotlight on her. In a tell-all interview with Vogue, the Revival singer spoke about the backstory of all the spotlight that the masses see. “As soon as I became the most followed person on Instagram, I sort of freaked out” says Gomez.

She termed the whole experience as “consuming” and called herself an “addict”. “I always end up feeling like shit when I look at Instagram. Which is why I’m kind of under the radar, ghosting it a bit” said Selena. She doesn’t have the Instagram app on her phone anymore and even the password rests safely with her assistant.

It is clear that Selena is making corrective steps to make sure that she doesn’t get consumed by the all the madness. The pop icon also opened up about transitioning from performing for kids to full grown adults. “I was so used to performing for kids. Suddenly I have kids smoking and drinking at my shows, people in their 20s, 30s, and I’m looking into their eyes, and I don’t know what to say. I couldn’t say, ‘Everybody, let’s pinky-promise that you’re beautiful!”

Powerful Comeback

It is refreshing to see a star so openly talk about her struggles and allowing the world, especially, the impressionable youth, to see that stardom is not all rosy. Probably, her vulnerability and transparency brought her this far and makes her one of the most loved artists out there.

Surely her romance with The Weeknd is the talk of the town these days, but there is so much more to this 24-year-old songstress that what meets the eye. The break from the limelight has only done her good, no matter what the critics say. Her recent interviews reek of maturity and wisdom. Selena Gomez, may you continue to be an inspiration to the millions of your followers!

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