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Secret Love Life: Here’s Why KPop Idols Date In Secret

Dating among idols always evoke discussions among the fans and the media. It’s no wonder many KPop idols have a secret love life. And once the dating rumors are confirmed, curious fans try to piece together how the relationship began. They’ll begin to search for hidden clues in the artists’ social media accounts.

But like non-celebrity people, KPop idols engage in activities with their significant others. Some are as simple as restaurant dates while others are extravagant like going overseas. They meet up, share affection, and catch up with each other. All of them are just done in secrecy.

Why A Secret Love Life Is Necessary

KPop idols are public figures so it’s a given that the paparazzi follows them everywhere. Everything that they do or say is captured by the press or fans. In addition to that, these actions and words will then be criticized by fans and haters alike. This is the main reason why many stars keep their personal lives under the radar to prevent further criticism.

In addition to that, Korean artists are known to have sasaengs. These are people whose love for their idols are already in the obsession level. Sasaengs are known to harass the idols by going into their dorms or hacking idols’ social media accounts. Some extreme accounts include stalking and crashing family occasions just to get a picture of their idols.

The spotlight, criticisms and sasaengs–all of these are enough reasons why a KPop idol would resort to a secret love life.

How KPop Idols Do It

A secret love life may be hard to achieve but celebrities have their own tricks to maintain that. Some restaurants in Korea offer privacy for KPop couples. One such restaurant is by famous Korean personality Hong Suk Chun. Many high-profile couples come to his restaurant because of the privacy he offers. Hong Suk Chun even claimed that his staff helps the couple go out of the building to avoid getting caught. Aside from restaurants, KPop idols resort to secret messages on their social media accounts.

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