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Sean Penn Slams Hollywood A-listers As Cheapskates And Fakes

A-list Hollywood celebrities are being slammed by Oscar winner Sean Penn after they refused to donate to his organizations but attending his charity events for photo ops.

Sean Penn has campaigned for a long time to motivate Hollywood to help in his J/P Haitian Relief Organization foundation through donations to his fundraisers.

According to Daily Mail, Penn criticized many of the A-listers because the celebs after turning up leave without donating at the fundraisers.

Sean Penn thinks Hollywood A-Listers are hypocrites?

Celebrities are usually found participating in charity galas in order to be lauded by the press. They use these events as opportunities to meet other famous people, pouting before the cameras and occasion to wear their finery.

According to Haute Living, Penn has mentioned that it is the same small group of people who donate each year that is the only source of money.

The 56-year-old Penn claimed that having a lot of actors and actresses on his events is not necessarily good. shared, “There are a few extraordinary people that come, but then you have a room that is full mostly of people that are not giving anything,” he explained. “They eat, stargaze and watch the band but, honestly, I don’t think there’s a person in that room that can’t afford $25. I always wonder about that,” he added.

Sean Penn retiring?

The ‘Milk’ star confessed that though he does not really find himself in the spotlight these days, he is still “aware of stuff”. The 56 year old also mentioned that things very positive or negative always find a way to surprise him.

Acknowledging his stellar reputation, Penn admits that due to his certain speculated involvements he imagines that people won’t show up at his “damn event”, yet to his surprise they do turn up.

Penn shares that he sees life as just life and nothing more. He also opened up on the fact as to how he was advised not to stay in Haiti for more than three months in 2010. However, he ignored the advice and stayed back for nine months to help the earthquake stricken country to get repaired. Penn admits that back then he did not take the advice as he was a “little kooky”. But the philanthropic actor does not regret the decision.

Who were the A-listers at the fundraiser?

Although Penn did not disclose the identity of the A-listers whom he considers as fake and cheapskates, amongst the ones who have attended in the past are Charlize Theron his ex-girlfriend and Madonna his ex-wife.

Several other Hollywood celebrities too have joined the gala like Reese Witherspoon, Justin Bieber, Anderson Cooper, Salma Hayek, Bradley Cooper and many more such stars. But it is unknown as to who did and who did not donate money at his fundraisers.

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