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Sandara Park Reveals Her Friendship with 2NE1 Members Remain Despite Reports

Months after the heartbreaking 2NE1 split, Sandara Park reveals her friendship with fellow 2NE1 members is still very much intact. In fact, Park says nothing has changed even after the split. Meanwhile, the KPop singer’s movie, One Step has officially premiered.

Sandara Park Comments On Friendship With 2NE1 Members

Sandara Park, more popularly known as Dara, confirms she is still in touch with all 2NE1 members. The singer said that even after the split, the girls namely: CL, Gong Minzy and Park Bom, continuously support each other’s respective careers.

Asia Starz reports that initially, Dara admitted that she thought that once the group disbands, their friendship will also be over. However, this is not the case for their group. “Now that I think about it, I still keep in touch with the 2NE1 members the most,” said Dara.

Moreover, Dara revealed that her fellow ex-2NE1 members continuously support their solo careers which negate the news circulating around the internet. The source noted that there were speculations that Gong Minzy is not in good terms with the other three 2NE1 members.

The actress denied the speculations. Park cited an instance where Minzy showed her support for her movie, One Step even if she was not able to attend the movie’s premiere night. “If you only know about what happened through news articles, I think it’s easy to misunderstand what happened. But we haven’t really noticed a huge change in our own personal relationships,” said Park.

Minzy was the first 2NE1 member to leave the group on April 5, 2016. After seven months, the group officially disbanded their South Korean girl group. As a thank you and goodbye to their supporters, Dara, Bom and CL released the track Good Bye on January 21, 2017.

Sandara Park’s One Step Movie

In other Sandara Park news, the singer was a cast member of a South Korean movie titled One Step. According to KPopHerald, One Step is a music-centered flick that has Park as lead.

One Step features the story of Si-Hyeon (Park), a girl who lost her memory in a car accident but begins to regain it through music. The other cast members in the movie include Han Jae-suk, who takes on the role of Woo-hyuk, Cho Dong-in as failed songwriter Jee-il and Hong Ah-reum as Ji-won.

The latter report notes that Si-Hyeon and Jee-il will work together for the former to regain her lost memories by using the melody she hears from her dream. The movie premiered in South Korea on April 6. One step will also have a Philippine release on May 10. Did you get your Sandara Park fix? Stay tuned for more updates!

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