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Sandara Park Love Life: Seen With G-Dragon In Concert; Relationship Gossips Resurface

Shipping in the KPop world is a common thing for fans to do. One of the most popular ships is Daragon, which is a combination of Dara and G-Dragon. The two remain quiet regarding the ship. But it looks like Daragon shippers are determined to find out if G-Dragon is really a part of Sandara Park love life.

The Daragon ship has been around for a long time already. Because of G-Dragon and his alleged relationships, the ship remains as it is.

Sandara Park Love Life: Is G-Dragon really a part of it?

Recently, Daragon fans were seen going wild on a viral video that involved G-Dragon and Dara. BIG BANG had a concert last night in Seoul called “0.TO.10 Finale in Seoul”. After the concert, BIG BANG’s leader was seen protecting a girl that looks suspiciously like Dara. And at the beginning of the video, G-Dragon “kissed” Dara on the head.

The girl’s face was covered in the video but she was seen with blond hair up in a ponytail. But there were also photos of Dara during the BIG BANG concert. It was shown that Dara had the same hairstyle, making fans conclude that she was with G-Dragon after the concert.

The Sandara Park love life talks increased thanks to the video. Fans began to claim that Daragon is real. However, there are some who think that G-Dragon is simply being brotherly to Dara.

Will Daragon come true?

G-Dragon and Dara are known to be really close friends. They have been in many photo shoots together. They were also spotted going out with a large group of friends. This led fans to ship the two of them, creating Daragon. Even though G-Dragon was linked to other women and Dara has a lot of admirers in the KPop world, the Daragon ship still sails.

Despite the video, many fans are skeptical that G-Dragon kissed Dara. Many suggested that he probably said something to her and had to lean in because of the fans’ screams in the background. In addition to that, G-Dragon recently opened up that he will not make his relationship public unless the woman requests to do so. Fans can only wait for a confirmation regarding Sandara Park love life and Daragon.

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