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Sandara ‘Dara’ Park the Real Reason Behind 2NE1’s Disbandment?

Just recently, Sandara Park also known as Dara of the newly disbanded Korean girl group shared a letter to her fans. Dara’s letter, which she directly sent to her fan groups, circulates the internet. In the emotional letter, Dara used 2NE1’s songs like It Hurts, Cry, Gotta Be You and I Don’t Care.

One thing about the letter, however, took the interest and the curiosity of the fans. It seems like she particularly addressed her former colleague Gong Minzy in her letter. Gong Minzy, the youngest member of the girl group, announced her retirement from the group back in April.

The emotional letter Dara wrote contains the sentences, “I hope you’re happy now, and it’s always gotta be you”. When read as a whole, some parts of the letter don’t actually make sense when read as a fan of the Korean superstar. Perhaps, this could be a letter that Dara wants Minzy to read while at the same time telling her that 2NE1 will never be the same without her.

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2NE1 Was Supposed to Continue. What Happened?

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The Korean power group had been in the business for seven years and even collaborated with Hollywood artists before. After Gong Minzy  announced that she will be quitting the group, YG announced the 2NE1 will continue with three members. Months after the announcement, however, 2NE confirmed their disbandment and that CL and Dara will continue as solo artists.

It is unclear as to why the group officially disbanded but fans speculate that the group couldn’t continue without Minzy. Despite being the youngest, fans recognize Minzy as one of the most talented in the group. With her superb dancing and singing skills, her retirement took a huge toll in the group’s performance.

What Will Happen To Sandara Dara Park?

Despite the group’s disbandment, Dara resigned her contract with YG as a solo artist. She currently judges in the Philippines, the country where she first entered the showbiz industry, in a reality show Pinoy Boyband Superstar. While there aren’t any current shows where Dara appears in Korea, we can expect her return to Korea anytime soon for more projects.

In the Philippines, Dara did some major acting projects and even a couple of blockbuster movies. Perhaps, in Korea she may also venture her acting career considering her prior experience to the field? What out for more updates about Sandara Park.

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