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Ryan Gosling Eva Mendes: Couple On The Rocks Because Of Eva’s Insistent Jealousy

Are Ryan Gosling Eva Mendes on the verge of breaking up? Although he gave a touching tribute to her in his Golden Globes speech, sources have been saying that their relationship has been on the rocks for months now.

Apparently, Gosling is miffed that Mendes couldn’t even be bothered enough to accompany him during the January-February awards season. If you watched the award ceremonies, you would have noticed that the 43-year-old actress was not beside her 36-year-old man on any red carpet sightings. The reason is apparently because Mendes is jealous of Gosling’s La La Land co-star, Emma Stone.

Ryan Gosling Eva Mendes Have Been Fighting?

Gosling apparently told Mendes how bad it looked for them as a couple that she wasn’t there to support him. Gosling was nominated best actor for his role in La La Land, so many thought they were going to see Ryan Gosling Eva Mendes together. But that wasn’t the case, as we have seen.

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Gosling reportedly even told Mendes that he was tired of having to make excuses for her. According to reports, the actress does not indulge in the limelight as much as Gosling wants.

The problem between the two apparently started because of Mendes’ jealousy of Gosling’s closeness with Stone. Gosling and Stone starred in three movies–La La Land; Crazy, Stupid, Love and Gangster Squad. Obviously, the two have maintained a close friendship over the years.

Since Stone was also nominated (and won) for best actress for her performance in La La Land, it is only expected that she will be in the awards season. This apparently doesn’t sit well with Mendes because she cannot stand to see Gosling and Stone together. Earlier, there were reports that Mendes would often visit the two on set to keep an eye on Gosling. In the past, Gosling was also pointed as the reason why Stone and then boyfriend Andrew Garfield split up.

No Truth To Eva-Ryan-Emma Rumors

Gossip Cop, however, clarified that there was no truth to rumors that Stone is breaking up Gosling and Mendes. The actor brought his sister as his “date” to the Oscars because he and Mendes have always avoided going to red carpet events together. They haven’t attended a big showbiz event together since 2012 when they were promoting their movie.

Mendes, in another interview, said that many people don’t know that she likes staying at home. Instead of hitting the red carpet, she would much rather take care of their daughters–Esmeralda, 2, and Amada, 11 months.

We hope there’s really nothing wrong with Ryan Gosling Eva Mendes. They seem to be a lovely couple, and we’d hate to see them break up.

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