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Ryan Gosling Emma Stone Are Just Really Good Friends! Calm Down Internet!

Ryan Gosling Emma Stone have been together in three movies, so it’s no surprise they have been linked to each other in every one of these movies. But in the middle of all these rumors, is Ryan’s partner, the sultry Eva Mendes jealous of their closeness?

The two worked together in Crazy, Stupid, Love in 2011, Gangster Squad in 2013, and then again in La La Land this 2016. When Stone ended her relationship with long-time boyfriend, Andrew Garfield last year, many speculated that the actor was jealous of the actress’ close relationship with Gosling. At the same time, Mendes apparently visited Gosling on the set repeatedly.

Mendes begged Ryan Gosling Emma Stone to stay away from each other

In September this year, it was reported that Mendes has been “fuming mad” at Ryan Gosling Emma Stone closeness while promoting their new film, La La Land. She even went so far as to beg the actor to stay away from Stone, who he is reportedly very fond of. This, despite giving birth to her’s and Gosling’s second daughter in April.

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Ryan Gosling Emma Stone

Screen cap from the Twitter page of La La Land

Although such rumors are interesting and quite believable given the number of times the two have worked together, a source told Gossip Cop, as quoted by Parent Herald, that the alleged romance between Gosling and Stone is 100% false. These rumors are “mere fabrication” and “didn’t have an ounce of truth,” the source added.

Stone and Garfield are still together secretly?

No one really knows the real score between Stone and Garfield. They were seen spending time in London in August, so many believed they have gotten back together. Besides, the two have always maintained their friendship and are obviously still fond of each other.

Just recently, when Garfield was asked who he would choose to be stuck in an island with, he chose Stone. He said he loves spending time with his ex-girlfriend. How many exes did you hear say sweet things about their former partners?

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Stone is equally vocal about her love and respect for Andrew. She said that her relationship with the actor has always been very special to her, and that is why she never want to talk about it in public.

As much as fans want to believe these Ryan Gosling Emma Stone rumors, it looks like the two are just really friends.

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