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Robin Thicke: Singer Is A Wife Beater, Paula Patton Says

This is just getting messier by the second. A court issued a restraining order against musician Robin Thicke because he has a history of domestic violence. That’s not the thick of the matter, though.

The court also banned Thicke from going near his six-year-old son, Julian, finally losing his bid for a temporary sole custody. A report by TMZ, as quoted by MailOnline, stated that the temporary custody was granted to Paula Patton, Thicke’s wife. The court also issued a domestic violence restraining order, banning Thicke from going near his ex and her mother, Joyce.

Robin Thicke was physically and emotionally abusive?

The Department of Children and Family Services launched an investigation into Robin Thicke in early January after Patton accused him of abusing their son. The department got involved because Julian allegedly said the Blurred Lines singer spanked him and even “punched” him.

Robin ThickePing Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the IG page of Paula Patton

Thicke’s lawyers, however, said that the DCFS found the allegations were unfounded. They also launched an investigation into Patton for “emotional abuse.” There was no confirmation, though, if Patton was being investigated.

When Thicke visited Julian together with police officials, the youngster reportedly told the officers that he was scared of his father and he doesn’t want to be near him. This might be the reason why the ex-couple was seen attending therapy just days after that confrontation.

Apparently, the counseling will help them deal better with Julian, who is most affected by the nasty custody battle.

Patton accused Robin of infidelity and abuse

But that’s not all. In documents obtained by Us, Patton said that Thicke threatened to bash her head in, cheated on her multiple times, and was a cocaine addict. In fact, on Valentine’s Day 2013, Thicke attempted to have sex with a stranger inside their bungalow in Chateau Marmont while the actress was sleeping.

When she confronted Thicke about it, he admitted to it, but said he wasn’t able to perform because of the amount of cocaine he used. The singer reportedly also held a “manicure and pedicure for six naked women” in their family home.

They divorced thereafter, ending their 21-year relationship. Robin Thicke vehemently denied Patton’s accusations, but this does not mean that the court will grant him custody. He still has to prove that these are erroneous allegations.

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