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Robin Thicke Punches Son: Custody Battle With Paula Patton Can Really Turn Nasty

Paula Patton has just asked a Los Angeles Court to restrict Robin Thicke’s access to their six-year-old son, Julian, because of “excessive spanking.” The custody battle between them has taken a nasty turn, of course.

According to her declaration, Thicke has been physically abusive towards their son “over the past year.” She alleged that Thicke’s drinking and drug use are turning him to be physical with Julian. Reportedly, Julian’s school called the Department of Child Family Services on Jan. 4 as Julian revealed about being abused by his father.

Is Robin Thicke really abusing his son?

By all accounts, Robin Thicke has been a good father to his son. Often times, he would post photos of their travels and adventures on his Instagram account. He was also present in many of his school and extra-curricular activities.

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Thicke said that he complied with the DCFS regarding its investigation into these allegations. Eventually, the court found that there is “insufficient showing of great or irreparable harm, immediate danger, or any other statutory basis” to grant Patton’s request. The Hitch actress wants Thicke to only have supervised visits to their son.

Thicke and Patton have been together since their teenage years. They married in 2005, welcomed Julian in 2010, and announced their split in 2014. In total, they have been together for 21 years before their divorce was finalized in March 2015.

The real reason for Paula’s beef against Robin?

While Thicke vehemently denied that he physically abused his son, he also alleged that Patton has a beef against his family. He said that his ex-wife is still angry with him for disallowing her and her family to attend the funeral of his father, Alan Thicke, who died on Dec. 13 last year.

Thicke said that his ex-wife did not have a “positive relationship” with his father. That was a complete opposite to the “tribute” Patton shared when the older Thicke passed away. In it, the actress said that she shared so many great memories with Alan, and that she and his grandson will miss him so much. For now, Robin Thicke can still spend time with his son without the supervision of social services.

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