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Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart ‘Engaged’ – These Rumors Won’t Stop!

Why are the phrases Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart engaged and married trending on social media once more? They have long parted ways and Pattinson is already with FKA Twigs for the last two years. Their fans, however, can’t seem to get enough of this former couple.

Rumors about the two first started in 2009, a year after the first installment of the Twilight saga hit theaters. Naturally, fans started to dream about the two getting engaged and married in the future. That would be the culmination of their love story.

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart engaged: The news that was never be

But in 2012, Stewart was seen kissing Rupert Sanders, and everybody started speculating that there would be no Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart engaged news in the future. Apparently, their relationship was not even on the rocks when that happened. Pattinson broke up with the actress following the affair.

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Since then, Stewart hasn’t dated any guy significantly. She did date Sanders for a while but after breaking up with him, she started dating girls. She hasn’t gone back to dating guys since then.

Pattinson, on the other hand, has been in a relationship with musician FKA Twigs since 2014. They got engaged and planned to get married. But recently news came out that they broke the engagement off.

Stewart, Pattinson to work together?

Last year, Lionsgate’s co-chairman Patrick Wachsberger teased fans that there might be a possible new Twilight film. Lionsgate Films is the same production house that brought Twilight to us. Wachsberger, however, stated that nothing is official yet.

The co-chairman said that it’s a possibility, but it will be up to Stephenie Meyer, the author of the original Twilight books. It will be Meyer’s decision if she wants to do a story related to the characters we once saw on the original Twilight films.

If ever this happens, the Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart engaged rumors will surely fly again. Whether or not Pattinson will ever get back together with the actress remains to be seen. After all, she once cheated on him, so who will say she won’t do it again?

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