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Rich KPop Idols: 5 Korean Celebrities Born With Silver Spoons in Their Mouths

In variety talk shows, there are KPop idols who revealed that they came from a family with financial struggles in life. There are also those who said they entered the music industry to help their family rise from poverty.

However, there are also rich KPop idols. Check out the following artists who were born as chaebols (rich children)!

Who are the rich KPop idols?

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Super Junior’s Siwon

Siwon is not only known as one of the top visuals in the KPop industry; he’s also known for being the richest member in Super Junior. It was revealed that Siwon’s father was the former CEO of Boryung Medience, an infant apparel company. In addition to that, his mother currently own a famous lingerie brand in South Korea. Super Junior members revealed that Siwon can buy a television network if he wishes to.

GOT7’s Mark

Apparently, the visual rapper from GOT7 was born in a well-off family too! His mother is in real estate business while his father was a retired businessman who amassed a vast amount of money during his active years. Fans have exposed that Mark and his family always travel first-class. There were also reports that Mark went from Thailand to Switzerland just to go snowboarding.

Tiny G’s Mint

During a variety talk show, Tiny G’s Dohee exposed fellow member Mint’s rich family background. According to Dohee, Mint’s father owns many cellphone stores. It was also revealed that Mint received a house from her mother when she came of age.

GFriend’s Umji

G-Friend’s Umji’s father is the CEO of Moa Dentist Group, one of the most famous dentist groups in South Korea. The group has 9 branches in Seoul and 34 more scattered across the country. When GFriend debuted, Moa Dentist Group congratulated the girl group on their official Facebook page.

iKON’s B.I

Before B.I was the badass charismatic rapper that fans know of him today, Kim Han Bin (his real name) has lived a carefree life as a child. His father, Kim Jeong Ju, was the former CEO of Seunghwa Pretech. Though his father was involved in controversies, that does not change the fact that B.I was raised in a wealthy household.

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Rich KPop Idols: An Inspiration for All

These rich KPop idols may not have known what living with financial crisis feels like, but that does not mean they deserve less respect. Most of these idols worked hard during their trainee days just to achieve their dreams of becoming an entertainer. The road to idol-hood is not an easy one. These idols also experienced the harsh training and hoped to become big someday. With their success as of today, it looks like their efforts paid off.

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