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Reason Why Saudi King Salman Luggage Is Making News

It is no mystery that kings of the Middle East have a life that many of us can’t even dream about. So it was not much of a surprise when some bits of information was released as to how Saudi King Salman travels out of his kingdom.

Read on at your own risk- the risk of feeling ultra-poor in the light of royal indulgence. So, Saudi King Salman is accompanied by 506 tons of cargo as he travels to Indonesia. While the rest of mankind thinks ten times before packing an extra set of shoes in their luggage.

What Is Inside Saudi King Salman Suitcase?

Saudi King Salman travels in style with no cuts on anything to do with royalty. Packed in his luggage is two Mercedes cars and two electrical lifts. A king always travels with his entourage. He is coming along with enough people to fill a town.

King Salman is bringing 800 delegates, including ministers, and 25 princes to Jakarta. It’s been 50 years since a Saudi King visited Indonesia. The king is pulling all stops to make sure that this trip is written in pages of history.

The 81-year-old ruler is coming to Indonesia to ink oil deals amounting to about USD 25 billion. There are plans to build a US$ 6 billion oil refinery on the island of Java and the king is investing another US$ 1 billion in economic development.

Lavish Lifestyles Of Saudi Kings

The Saudi King owns a 281-foot yacht called “the Kingdom” that he bought from Donald Trump. Now with social media prevalent, a lot of Arab Royals are flaunting their wealth for the world to see. Gold watches are a thing of the past, gold and diamond-laden cars are in.

Instagram has a whole lot of profiles dedicated to see the rich and famous people of Dubai. This is what Monday looks like for Duchess of Dubai.

It is very normal for the citizens of Dubai to roam around with tigers for pets.

Even their McDonalds Order is delivered in a Lamborghini.

Dubai’s Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid is also creating quite a stir on Instagram. The prince is presenting a very different picture to the world about royalty. His daily life looks like spotting a giraffe while driving around and having access to inaccessible views in Dubai.

Good ? morning #Dubai 26.2.2017 صباح الأمطار

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