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Rapper San E’s Bad Year Reportedly A Diss Track Against Korean President

The new song of Korean Rapper San E Bad Year is allegedly a diss track against Korean President Park Geun Hye. The rap number, composed by the hip-hop artist himself, was released at midnight Wednesday. Less than eight hours later, the song began to top many charts such as Mnet, Naver, and even Melon. San E even became a trending search item online.

In Bad Year, San E lays out a song about a man whose girlfriend cheated on him. The relationship eventually ended into a breakup. The song’s title can also be translated as a derogatory insult towards a woman. At a closer look, however, it seems like the rapper was allegedly calling out to the President, calling her a ‘b*tch’ and expressed animosity towards her in the track.

“Bad Year”: Shout Out to the President?

Picture Credit: Screenshot from video "San E Bad Year"

Picture Credit: Screenshot from video “San E Bad Year”

The song’s lyrics could be linked to the scandal involving Park and Choi Soon-sil, her confidant. According to CBN news, Choi, who doesn’t have a position in the Korean government, has access to confidential documents and manipulated money to be deposited into the foundations she owns. Lyrics like “change your repertoire with your words of promises that you always break” and “your tongue harassed my ears every time” are said to be San E’s message to Park that her public speeches are simply lies.

The man who stole San E’s girlfriend in the song may be his analogy of Choi. Phrases like “kissing the man and explaining that to me with her dirty tongue” and “a marionette controlled by him” could be connected to Park admitting that some of her speeches were edited by Choi. The rapper also portrayed himself visiting to his girlfriend’s house and asking her to “come down quickly, and if you took more time, I might catch panic disorder”. This could be his message for Park to stop messing around and just step down from office.

San E’s Side

San E’s label, Brand New Music, released a statement regarding the diss track allegations. A representative said, “We know it’s not just a song about a breakup. San E boldly included things he wanted to say.”

The representative also added, “Listeners are free to interpret the song however they’d like.”

Listen to the diss track below:


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