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Putting An End To The Prince Harry James Hewitt Biological Father Rumors

Can we finally put to rest a decades-old rumor involving Prince Harry James Hewitt? On Sunday night, Hewitt, the late Princess Diana’s lover, vehemently denied that he is Prince Harry’s biological father. “Poor chap,” he said of Harry, for having to live through the rumors for years.

Hewitt served in the Queen’s Life Guard regiment before he was hired at the Buckingham Palace in 1986 to provide horse-riding lessons for the princess. Harry was born in 1984, two years before Hewitt even met Princess Diana.

Prince Harry James Hewitt: It’s time To Put An End To It

For decades, people have linked Prince Harry James Hewitt together, the five years he spent with Diana the “evidence” that he was really the prince’s father. Hewitt appeared on Australian TV show Sunday Night to shot down the speculations.

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“No, I’m not,” the 58-year-old former officer said bluntly. He added that the reason the rumors have circulated widely for years was because “it sells paper.” He felt bad for the prince for having to live through the trauma of your parentage being questioned.

During the interview, Hewitt talked vastly about the time he spent with the princess. He said their affair started gradually until they both realized that they can’t get enough of each other. All they do were to laugh, relax, and have dinner.

The former officer shared how they enjoyed their secret meetings. He would often cook for her and she would wash the dishes like an ordinary couple. The affair ended in 1991 when Hewitt was called to serve in the Gulf War.

Princess Diana infamously died with her boyfriend Dodi al-Fayed in a Parisian tunnel in August 1997 while they were being hounded by the paparazzi. Since then, her two sons, Princes William and Harry, have tried to honor her memory by continuing her many charity works.

The people’s Princess And The Controversies That Followed Her

The princess has always been well-loved, but she is not without controversy. Hewitt never married or had any children, but he said he doesn’t regret meeting Princess Diana or entering into an affair with her.

He regrets some of the things that happened because of their affair, “but not that [affair] at all.” “I think she was quite easy to fall in love with really so I think I can be forgiven for that.”

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. Maybe for her sake, we can finally let these Prince Harry James Hewitt lie to rest as well.

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