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Priyanka Chopra Vulnerable Side Seen In 2006 Interview

Priyanka Chopra is a household name now owing to the popularity of her show Quantico. Her popularity was further cemented when she won Peoples Choice Awards second time in a row. That was a big achievement considering that she was pitted against popular names like Ellen Pompeo, Kerry Washington and the likes.

A regular in the Jimmy Fallon show, Priyanka Chopra has paved a long journey to stardom in Hollywood. She was also at the Ellen DeGeneres Show. She is slowly but surely cementing her way into the American entertainment industry.

Priyanka Chopra Journey Till Now

The ABC star started off her career in modeling by accident. Priyanka Chopra didn’t even know that her mom had enrolled her into a beauty pageant. This is the same pageant that paved way for her to win the Miss World Crown in the year 2000.

After winning the crown and getting international exposure, the actress came back to the Indian film industry. She didn’t have anyone from her family that belongs to the entertainment industry. Priyanka Chopra comes from a family of doctors. She stepped into the film industry in India with no prior experience.

Chopra had to face rejection in the industry as none of her films were taking off. She was close to quitting when one of her movies got a good reception.

Challenges Along The Way

The actress is very close to her dad as evident from the tattoo on her palm which reads, ‘daddy’s lil girl’. The loss of her dad in 2013 due to cancer shook the actress but she continued to go strong. Right after the challenging time, her new single “In My City” took off in Hollywood.

In the interview taken in 2006 with an accomplished host Simi Garewal in India, the actress talks about falling in love and growing out of love. She is definitely a supporter of Mills and Boons kind of romance. “I like mush” she blushingly retorts. She has been a recipient of heartbreak and a giver as well. In fact, she went through an emotional break up when she was preparing for the beauty pageant in India.

Chopra also shares her biggest fears back then in 2006. She says her biggest fears that she may not live up to the expectations of people and that she may not be good enough. Well, the career that she has charted out for herself is proof enough that her fears are taken care of.

The first time the world heard the singing prowess of Priyanka Chopra was when she crooned My All by Mariah Carey. Take a listen, pretty impressive, we say!

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