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Why Prince William Kate Middleton Looming Divorce Linked To Prince Harry Meghan Markle

The wedding of Prince William Kate Middleton has been a true-to-life fairytale for many of us. Unlike Princess Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles, many believed William’s and Kate’s marriage would last forever. After all, they were boyfriend and girlfriend for the past decade.

However, recent reports indicated that the two may be heading to a divorce. They are presumably being pressured by the royal family to do their duties. But Prince William is balking at the numerous engagements he has to attend. Kate was reportedly even shocked that William was complaining about his royal activities.

Prince William Kate Middleton are divorcing?

Fans of Prince William Kate Middleton may soon have their hearts broken because rumors are rife that the relationship is going downhill.

Apparently, Kate’s reported third pregnancy (and possible miscarriage) caused some royal eyebrows to raise because it may mean lesser royal engagements for the two. Queen Elizabeth II is reportedly miffed about how lazy the couple has become.

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Prince William Kate Middleton

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It is also said that the queen was not pleased about the recent scandals and cheating issues that are hounding William and Kate. One of such scandals is the leaked nude photos of the Duchess while the couple was vacationing.

The pressure is on the couple to do their royal duties well, especially for their two children- Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The two have gone through a lot in their decade-old relationship, so we’re hoping they can get past this, too.

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Is Kate jealous of Meghan Markle?

Reports said that Kate may also be jealous with the entrance of Meghan Markle to the royal news. The Duchess wants to be adored the same way that Princess Diana had been. However, she isn’t into humanitarian activities as much as the late princess was.

Markle, on the other hand, is very active in humanitarian works. She is also comfortable with the limelight and constant scrutiny. Prince Harry recently confirmed his relationship with the Suits actress. He was reportedly so charmed by her that he once detoured from his activities to visit the actress in Canada.

It looks like the status of Prince William Kate Middleton as everyone’s favorite couple is being threatened by Prince Harry and his new girlfriend.

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