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Prince Harry May Move To America For Meghan Markle

How true is it that Britain’s very own most eligible bachelor, Prince Harry, is ready to move to America for his girlfriend, actress Meghan Markle? Apparently, the prince is looking at moving across the pond and leaving the British throne.

This will be done in support of Markle’s acting career. Markle, a Canadian actress, is based both in Toronto and Los Angeles. A source told Yahoo that Harry has always loved America. It’s okay for him to divide his time between Canada, LA, and London.

Moving To America A“logical Step” For Prince Harry

Prince Harry’s plan to move to America will be welcomed by the Royals, sources said. This will be beneficial for the family, too, because he can boost their reputation abroad. Of course, he still has to fulfill his duties at home and overseas.

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Harry is set to spend more time in Markle’s hometown of Toronto in the coming months. He will have to prepare for the Invictus Games, a Paralympic style tournament for injured returned service people. Harry was the one who created the games.

The Games, which will be held in Toronto and Ontario in September, will work with the local organizing committee to ensure that everything will go smoothly.

This gives the Prince a reason to spend more time with his girlfriend of nine months. Markle lives in a loft-style apartment with two dogs. There will be plenty of space there for Harry, we’re sure!

Harry Has To Ask The Queen’s Permission

While there are rumors that the Prince wants to ask Markle to marry him, it’s not going to be that easy. Under the British law, specifically the Royal Marriages Act 1772, Harry has to ask his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, for permission to wed the actress.

Prince William, Harry’s brother, also had to ask permission when he decided to marry Kate Middleton in 2011. But before that, Harry has to introduce the actress to his grandmother first, something that had Kate waiting four years before meeting her.

Markle already met Prince William, Kate, and Princess Charlotte during a trip to London. It is said that Prince Harry values Kate’s opinion of his girlfriends very highly. Harry, on the other hand, met Markle’s mother, Doria Radlan, in LA.

The actress has yet to meet Prince Harry’s father, Prince Charles, and his stepmother, Camilla. Both are said to be disapproving of the Prince’s relationship.

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