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Prince Harry Meghan Markle Engaged: Meghan Is The Next Royal Princess

If the comment of Patrick J. Adams is to be believed, it looks like Prince Harry Meghan Markle engaged rumors are probably true. Since things are going well for Markle and Prince Harry, maybe Adams’ comment is a hint?

During a Ask Me Anything Q&A with fans on Reddit, Adams was asked what it feels like to make out with possibly the future princess of England. Markle and Adams are on-screen couple on NBC’s Suits. He answered: “The same as it was before she was potentially a future princess of England.”

Prince Harry Meghan Markle engaged news fueled by Palace meeting

Did you notice how Adams did not confirm or deny the “future princess” tag? Of course, that’s not really his place to deny or confirm anything, but that left us wondering whether Markle hinted something to her co-star. Rumors of Prince Harry Meghan Markle engaged were fueled because of the meeting between Markle and Prince William, Duchess Kate, and Princess Charlotte.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle EngagedPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the IG page of Meghan Markle

After their holiday rendezvous to see the Northern Lights, Prince Harry reportedly took the actress to Kensington Palace to meet his older brother and his family. Markle even gave the duchess a leather-bound dream diary since it was her birthday the day before. This only showed that Markle is equally trying to impress Prince Harry’s family.

Kate, as she is fondly called, is very close to the prince. In fact, she often acts as his older sister, and he usually comes to her for advice. Prince Harry reportedly values Kate’s insights when it comes to his girlfriends.

Prince Charles not happy with Meghan?

While Prince William and Kate are supportive of Prince Harry’s blooming romance, their father, Prince Charles, is reportedly not. He allegedly summoned Prince Harry after his holiday escapade with the actress, and asked him to take care of his image. This was also after Markle’s older brother was arrested for pointing a gun at a woman’s head.

Prince Charles is worried that after Prince Harry’s hard work of moving away from his bad boy image, his reputation would suffer again because of his girlfriend. Prince Charles was reportedly miffed that his son plans to marry not only a commoner, but a non-British.

Prince Harry was furious at his father and her stepmother for trying to control his life. However, he relinquished and reportedly agreed not to talk about marrying Markle for now. So, even Prince Charles believed those Prince Harry Meghan Markle engaged rumors, huh?

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