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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle: Reason Why Actress Went MIA On Instagram

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle relationship is the talk of the town. The Suits actress is traveling between London and USA to maintain her relationship with the Prince. There are reports that the couple might be engaged.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were seen in west London recently. Markle moved to Kensington Palace for a week. There are reports that the couple is going to live in together before getting married. Well, it means one of them is relocating. Meghan Markle has a flourishing career in the USA while the prince is handling his princely duties in England.

Meghan Markle Instagram Absence

There is no doubt that the paparazzi have been hounding the actress since the news of the royal romance is out. Meghan Markle had to bear the brunt of being involved with the Royals. The snooping got so bad that Prince Harry had to intervene and stop the madness.

The Prince issued a statement saying that he doesn’t appreciate the kind of digging the media is undertaking to find out details about his girlfriend. Taking matters into his own hands, he revealed that he is, in fact, dating the Suits actress and that media should respect her and her family’s privacy.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle: Recent Instagram Post

Owing to all of this, it doesn’t seem surprising that Meghan Markle has taken a step back from her social media activity. It had been some time since the actress had put out a single update on Instagram. Her most recent Instagram post was very philanthropic.

The photo (as seen below) has ‘#Nobadenergy’ written on a pavement. The caption put out by the actress reads, “Sending good vibes – always in all ways”. Seems like the Valentine’s with the prince is doing her good.

Sending good vibes – always in all ways #nobadenergy #bethechange

A post shared by Meghan Markle (@meghanmarkle) on

Currently, Meghan is juggling between her work commitments and handling her relationship. When she is not shooting for Suits, she rushes to London to spend time with her boyfriend. The Prince is also busy touring the world and also focusing on various programs in the UK.

It is speculated that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be appearing together at Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa Middleton’s wedding. No doubt the paparazzi is going to have a jolly good time snapping the couple walk in together. It doesn’t get more official than this!

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