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Piers Morgan Doesn’t Like J.K. Rowling To Touch Him

There is no sexual tension in the Piers Moran and J.K. Rowling feud. Thank God for that. We don’t think the world can survive any lingering sexual tension or innuendo between these two.

The ongoing Twitter war between the two celebrities has caused people to suggest that maybe it’s just sexual tension. One Twitter user even suggested that the two “get a room.” Morgan was quick enough to clarify that Rowling will not get “her hysterical hands on my Hogwarts, trust me.”

Piers Moran And J.K. Rowling Feud: How Did It Start?

The ongoing Piers Moran and J.K. Rowling feud started when Rowling applauded comedian Jim Jeffries when latter burned Morgan on air. The two were guests on the US TV show Real Time when Morgan suggested that there was no “Muslim ban.” This was in reference to President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

Piers Moran and J.K. Rowling FeudPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Mike Smithson

Jeffries butted in and said: “Oh f*** off. F*** off. It’s a f***ing Muslim ban.” He then gave the British TV host the middle finger. After seeing the clip online, Rowling tweeted: “Yes, watching Piers Morgan being told to f*** off on live TV is *exactly* as satisfying as I’d always imagined.”

Morgan went personal in his response to Rowling. He said that he has never read any of her Harry Potter books. Rowling became a billionaire and a household name for authoring the widely successful and cultural phenomenon Harry Potter series.

The feud ensued on Twitter, with Morgan labeling Rowling a liberal and an anti-Trump. He also claimed that Rowling’s “superior, dismissive arrogance” is the reason why Hillary Clinton and the rest of her supporters lost in the elections.

Morgan also claimed that Rowling’s politics does not matter because all she has written was about “Hogwarts, Squibs, and Muggles.” Really, for someone who claims he hasn’t read any of her books, he sure does know a lot about the Harry Potter terminologies.

Piers’ Son Got Involved In The Twitter War

The feud between Morgan and Rowling will soon come to an end, we hope, with this tweet. Spencer Morgan, a journalist MailOnline and Morgan’s eldest son, posted a photo of his tattoo. The best thing about the photo is that the tattoo was the symbol of the Deathly Hallows.

Harry Potter fans would know that the Deathly Hallows involved three things that would make the owner immortal. It seems Spencer is a big Harry Potter fan. What would his father think about that?

Hopefully, this will bring the Piers Moran and J.K. Rowling feud to its rightful conclusion. No one’s winning here, guys.

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