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PewDiePie Net Worth: PewDiePie Continues To Soar With His Commentaries

Did you know that PewDiePie net worth of $90 million is less than half of what he actually earned since he started his YouTube channel in 2010? That’s primarily because in Sweden, people who earn around $124 million to $155 million (PewDiePie’s estimated earnings) will fall under the 56% tax bracket.

Still, $90 million is not too shabby for a 26-year-old who made his fortune from doing what he loves the most—playing video games. His “bro-army,” PewDiePie’s subscribers, are in the 50-million range. That put his net worth somewhere north of $70 million, $15 million of which was amassed in 2016 alone.

PewDiePie net worth and how it started

PewDiePie net worth is considerably larger than other YouTube stars, making him the biggest celebrity in the YouTube universe. His net worth is 16 times larger than UberHaxorNova’s $5 million, 11 times than HolaSoyGerman’s $7 million, five times than TheDiamondMineCart’s $15 million, and eight times than VanossGaming’s $10 million.

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PewDiePie Net Worth

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Everything started for PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, in 2010 when he dropped out of the university to pursue his passion in making video commentaries while playing video games. So disappointed were his parents that they cut off his financial support. Kjellberg had to work in a hotdog stand to make ends meet.

By December 2011, his passion paid off, and he had around 60,000 subscribers in his YouTube channel. Kjellberg said he never thought making videos would turn him into a millionaire. He simply wanted to do something that he’s passionate about.

In October 2015, Kjellberg became the richest YouTube star with a reported $12 million earned in that year alone. However, he lamented that the whole world seems to be more excited about how much he’s earning than his charitable activities.

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PewDiePie threatened to delete his YouTube account

In December last year, PewDiePie threatened to delete his YouTube account after speculations that YouTube is cutting off the number of his views. It is quite noticeable that something is racking down his number of views. He traditionally racks up hundreds of millions of views per week.

The “phenomenon” will soon allow Justin Bieber to surpass PewDiePie as the number one YouTuber. However, Kjellberg said his “threat” was just a joke, and what he deleted was a minor YouTube channel of his. I think it’s safe to say that we’ll see PewDiePie net worth be boosted even more this 2017.

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