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People’s Choice Awards 2017: Let’s Talk About Ellen DeGeneres and Her 20 Awards

Ellen DeGeneres made history at the 43rd People’s Choice Awards. Her total number of awards is now 20! How about that for a record?

The American comedian and television host has a long-standing career since the 1980’s. Initially, she started out in the stand-up comedy scene, gained recognition, then transitioned to TV. Subsequently, she starred in a show called Ellen. An open lesbian and a crusader of LGBT rights, she is definitely a class act. She now wins three People’s Choice Awards to add to the already 17 ones and 29 Emmys.

People’s Choice Awards – 2017

The 43rd edition of the prestigious awards was held in Los Angeles and who’s who of Hollywood graced the event. Also, the award recognizes the contribution to the popular culture from various facets of entertainment industry. Ellen is a routine winner of these awards, dating back to 1995, reports Entertainment Weekly.

Justin Timberlake presented her with the award calling her the ‘most decorated’ person in People’s Choice history. Those present in the stage were the men in tuxedos holding each of her awards in commemoration. Ellen, on the other hand, received the award with a standing ovation from the eventgoers.

Favorite Daytime TV Host, Favorite Comedic Collaboration and Favorite Animated Movie Voice are the categories that brought her three awards. The 58-year-old comedian was at her usual wit and humor with some ‘mashed potato’ acceptance speech! The movie to which she gave her voice, Finding Dory, bagged a couple of awards too.

Ellen: Influence and Legacy

Ellen came out of the closet in Oprah Winfrey’s show back in 1997 itself. For those who aren’t aware of the then stigma attached to LGBT, it wasn’t an easy thing to do at all. Perhaps, that’s the reason why she’s seen as an advocate of LGBT rights. Her crusade stretches beyond the LGBT realm and goes down to animal rights too.

During her acceptance speech at the People’s Choice Awards, she said that she’d be happier if animals voted for this instead of people. The gist of it is that she stands for animals having a right to life as do we humans, of course. One thing for certain, Ellen is worthy of every accolade she has got so far and yet to get.

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