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Paris Jackson Has No Plans To Follow Dad Michael Jackson’s Footsteps

Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s daughter, is coming into her own now. Her latest interviews and appearances are testament to the fact that she is indeed a well opinionated person who doesn’t rely on the stardom of her late father.

In a recent interview with CR Fashion Book, young Paris Jackson, spoke her heart about activism, aspirations and bits about her personal life too. She also spoke about the role her father legendary Michael Jackson plays in her life. Jackson is seen at a lot of events to do with social welfare and is quite vocal about the political situation in her country.

Paris Jackson Tell-All Interview

Paris Jackson spoke to CR Fashion Book magazine about her love for music. She says she doesn’t see a career in music but harbors some interest in the same. The 18-year-old is into songwriting and even has a small band with her boyfriend and some other musicians.

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She says songwriting is an outlet for her feelings. She says if she makes music her career then her passion for the same might change and she isn’t ready to let go of that. Jackson says, “I’m in a band. We’re doing it for fun. My boyfriend’s the drummer and we have two others, a bassist and a backup vocalist.” Music from the 60’s and the 80’s ring well with the oldest child of the Michael Jackson clan.

Paris Jackson: “My Father is 99 percent of my inspiration, He is my Roots”

It is very difficult to do an interview with Paris Jackson and not talk about her father. When asked about what quality she would like to take from her father, she quipped saying “his strength”. “He was the strongest person I know and tried to do everything with as much love and kindness as possible”, she adds, “All of my inspiration, I would say 99 percent of my inspiration, comes from him, because he has always been my world. He is my roots.”

So, one would wonder if she will eventually get into music. The model clears the air by saying she is presently into modeling and is focusing on that. Paris Jackson has been very vocal about her support for the Standing Rock Tribe who are protesting the North Dakota Pipeline. She even sports a tattoo on her ankle supporting the movement. She also speaks against animal cruelty and opines that she will never be fond of real fur or real leather.

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