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Nigahiga Net Worth: The YouTube Star And His Millions

Being a YouTube star these days is actually profitable. You think only the Kardashians-Jenners made millions out of showing mundane everyday lives? Granted that Nigahiga net worth of $2 million is born from his comic reels, it’s still safe to say that YouTube is making millionaires out of seemingly ordinary people.

Born as Ryan Higa, the YouTube sensation now known as Nigahiga – born in Hilo, Hawaii on June 6, 1990. He is of Jamaican and American ancestry. Higa attended the Waiakea High School, where he was a wrestler, and the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, where he finished filmmaking.

Nigahiga net worth: How it all started

Higa amassed his fortune from uploading comical videos on the video-sharing network YouTube. So far, his videos have more than 1.8 billion views and his YouTube channel has more than 19 million subscribers. All of these pushed Nigahiga net worth to $2 million.

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Niga Higa Net Worth

Screen cap from the IG page of Niga Higa

He started uploading his videos when he was still in Hawaii with his friends Sean Fujiyoshi, Tim Enos, and Tarynn Nago, collectively known as The Yabo Crew. But since he moved to Las Vegas and attended UNLV, most of his videos are of himself and a few friends as guests whenever he visits Hawaii.

Higa and Fujiyoshi first posted videos in 2006 of themselves lip-synching to songs. Not long after that, they started uploading comic series.

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How Nigahiga amassed his fortune

The estimated earnings from the number of views and likes of his YouTube videos is $154,000 in 2008, $85,500 in 2009, $336,000 in 2010, $1.5 million in 2011, $1.86 million in 2012, $1.62 million in 2013, and $1.31 million in 2014. He also received $66,000 from his YouTube channel that has 13.1 million subscribers in 2014.

Aside from his YouTube videos, Higa was also part of a few films and short movies such as Ryan and Sean’s Not So Excellent Adventure and Ninja Melk. In 2016, he was also named by Forbes magazine in its “30 Under 30” of digital stars. Nigahiga net worth will surely double in years to come.

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