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Nicole Kidman’s Lion Movie Connection Goes Way Beyond Character

Australian actress Nicole Kidman is in the brink of winning awards for her character in Lion Movie. The role couldn’t have come better with anyone other than Nicole.

From Golden Globes to Critics’ choice to Screen Actors Guild, there’s no award nominations, Lion Movie doesn’t find itself in. Thanks to the heart-wrenching story and impeccable story-telling, the movie is the favorite for many awards. Nicole Kidman, on the other hand, delivers a performance worthy of an award or two. Her performance is an embodiment of her real-life first-hand experiences.

Lion Movie: Plot

Saroo, 5-year-old kid in India, gets lost in a train and finally ends up in Kolkata without a care. Circumstances lead him to an Australian couple who take him home and bring him up as their own. Saroo, now all grown up, stumbles upon Google Earth which coincides with his reminiscences of the past. This in turn paves way for a journey back ‘home’ to India. The search for his original home is as compelling as it comes, as perilous as it gets.

Nicole Kidman’s character is in a predicament of her own, however. She loves the kid like her own, but she’s not ready to accept the truth at the end of the journey. The thought of Saroo finding a mother in someone else is something she dreads, of course. Nicole is no outsider to adoption too. Her marriage to Tom Cruise saw the couple adopting two kids who are now all grown up now.

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Isabella and Connor grew up with the couple before their divorce and later spent time with Tom and Nicole separately. Furthermore, Isabella is married and has her own family to deal with. Connor (21) appears sporadically in some roles on screen and has a career of his choice too. Scientology had a hand in Nicole’s estranged relationship with her kids for a while, which is under wraps now.

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Nicole Kidman and Sue Brierley

Nicole met up with her character’s real-life influence Mrs. Sue Brierley earlier and had a warm exchange. In addition to mutual tell-all about parenting and adoption experiences, the Australian connection was the take away too. Nicole spoke to Australian Broadcasting Company in the wake of the meeting and spoke of her connection with the real Sue Brierley.

Despite having two more kids with her husband Keith Urban, she has fond memory of her adopted kids. Not to mention, her amicable relationship with ex Tom Cruise. The Lion movie reviews speak volumes of the maternal bond and Nicole delivers it to its entirety. She’s indeed a far cry from the phoney actresses predominant in Hollywood today.

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