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Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Divorce Confirmed? ‘Moulin Rouge!’ Actress Hiding Affair With Colin Farrell?

Is Nicole Kidman cheating on her husband with actor Colin Farrell? Moreover, is she afraid this will affect her career and chances of winning an Oscar?

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, there have been rumors that Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell are trying to hide their affair from the media. The actress is trying her best to avoid the paparazzi from catching her together with Farrell.

In line with this, Kidman is aiming for an Oscar next year. If news of her illicit affair were to spread, it would ruin her chances of even getting nominated for the award. So it seems that she must do everything she can to keep her personal life “drama-free.”

However, her relationship with Keith Urban is supposedly already dead. Even so, there have been rumors that Kidman has no plans of filing a divorce until after the Oscars.

On the other hand, Colin Farrell is allegedly trying to avoid any  publicity from the Kidman-Urban divorce drama. He worked hard to get his life back on track following his major fallout nearly a decade ago.

A huge celebrity scandal with the Eyes Wide Shut actress is the last thing Farrell needs for his career now.

In spite of the ongoing controversy, International Business Times, Singapore Edition reports that Keith Urban and his wife are still going strong in their relationship. Urban recently opened up about the ongoing divorce rumors between him and his wife.

“People make up the most insane crap,” he claimed. “and we kind of just roll with it.”

He added that the rumors annoy him since he just wants to live happily together with his wife. Urban stated that the media always hounds them for photographs and people continue to create false stories.

It seems like Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have no plans of filing for divorce in the near future.

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