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WWE Star Nicole Bass Dead: Details Of Death Still Unclear

Nicole Bass, famous for bodybuilding and wrestling, has breathed her last. No official confirmation on the cause of the death, however.

Tomboyish appearance, wrestling and controversies sum up Nicole’s career that started as early as the 80s. Firstly, Nicole Bass was famous for bodybuilding which saw her win plethora of competitions. Subsequently, she made a wrestling debut in the Extreme Championship Wrestling. After making a name for herself in the scene, she made an appearance in WrestleMania XV as a bodyguard to Brock Lesnar’s wife Sable. Later on, becoming a regular to feature on WWF’s events and famously feuding with Debra McMichael.

Nicole Bass Dead

Kristen Marrone, Nicole’s partner, took to the Facebook page to confirm the wrestler’s passing. In an emotional, tear-jerking message, Kristen gives the account of Nicole’s health and its decline over the past weeks. It was indeed Kristen who was by Nicole’s side during her final hours. Turns out, the doctors did everything to help Nicole, but her condition was too fatal. No mention of the condition, however.

In addition to that, Kristen recollects Nicole’s “amazing and kind-hearted” personality and temperament. Considers the departed bodybuilder as her soul mate, best friend and business partner. Nicole Bass herself made her relationship with Kristen public through a Facebook post on Feb 2, reports Heavy. Both Nicole and Kristen were in the business of offering video chat for 200 dollars. She went on record stating that there is no nudity involved, but ‘fantasy wrestling’ only.

As far as her health status is concerned, she was hospitalized in 2006 for steroids-related complications in the Pancreas. Contrary to that, the details of the cause of her death remains under wraps. In the wake of her death, many personalities from the wrestling fraternity gave their tribute. The likes of Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam were among the popular ones to offer their condolences.

Career and Controversies

Nicole was a subject of a lot of controversies throughout her career and in the aftermath of her retirement too. She left WWF on a bad note after alleging sexual harassment from another wrestler, Steve Lombardi. She filed a lawsuit, fought it in court and finally lost the case. In the light of the case dismissal, she famously said that she “stood up for women and stuck to her guns”.

In 2013, her husband of 28 years, Bob Fuchs, died of an heart failure in his sleep. It’s safe to say that she was never the same after that. Just months ago, she was apprehended by authorities for a shop theft amounting to 1400 dollars. Irrespective of the highs and lows of her career, she stands as an inspiration, of course. She was 52-years-old at the time of her passing.

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