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Nicki Minaj Pregnant: Meek Mill Discloses Pregnancy Info – The Reason For Their Breakup

Nicki Minaj pregnant? The Black Barbie artist might be in for a new chapter of her life as she posted a photo of herself with a huge baby bump. Although the picture looks photoshopped, it still doesn’t dismiss the possibility that the singer-rapper might expect a baby soon. Minaj posted a picture of herself sporting a black lingerie and a huge baby bump in Instagram last Saturday.

Nicki Minaj Pregnant? Did Meek Mill Just Give A Major Hint?

Ex-fiancé Meek Mill might know something about Minaj’s condition. In a quickly deleted Snapchat, Meek Mill teases fans of a piece of juicy info of his apparent knowledge about Nicki’s pregnancy. Fans quickly bombarded Mill with questions about the rapper’s condition soon after she posted the baby bump photo.

According to HollywoodLife, Meek is not worried about Minaj’s pregnancy photo. In an exclusive info shared by Meek, he described the photo as a pregnancy goof. They talked about creating a family when they were together but that notion is now out of question.

#ATBIMS. ? y'all so childish Omgskibbidybopbopghjhddfnjj – I was gonna wait to share the news but…

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The rapper couple announced their break up in early January after a petty fight during Nicki’s birthday bash. TMZ reported that the couple had a small fight when Meek didn’t pay enough attention to Nicki. Meek left the island without Nicki which drove the rapper to the edge.

ATBIMS: Pregnancy Photo A Clue To Nicki’s Upcoming Album?

Nicki captioned her infamous baby bump photo with, “#ATBIMS. ? y’all so childish OMGSKLKZFCBNUF – I was gonna wait to share the news but…”. Upon further inspection, ATBIMS apparently means ‘All these bitches is my sons’ which is Nicki’s signature line in his songs. The line means that Nicki proclaims herself as the queen of all rappers and that no one can beat her.

Nicki shared photos of her in a recording studio in her Instagram account. Fans also got excited due to the apparent reconnection of Nicki Minaj and Drake when the former posted a selfie together. The selfie could signal a collaboration between the two artists.

Nicki Minaj Rants Over A Shoe Designer for Apparent Disrespect and Racism

Meanwhile in her Twitter account, Minaj slams shoe designer Guiseppe Zannoti over disrespect and racism. Guiseppe apparently used Minaj’s name for his shoe collection but refused to Nicki’s party regarding commission. Minaj shouted out to the designer for disrespecting her by not accepting her phone call.

Minaj dismissed the assumption that she chases Guiseppe just for money so she challenged the latter to donate her commission to charity. She also promised that if the designer did donate to charity, she will match the amount up to half a million dollars. Guiseppe hasn’t responded yet to any of Nicki’s allegations. However, the designer have taken down the shoes named after Nicki from their site.

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