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The New Face of Maybelline: Manny MUA

CoverGirl made headlines all over the world when they made a young man as the brand’s first male spokesperson. It looks like fellow makeup company Maybelline has followed in CoverGirl’s footsteps. Recently, Maybelline has appointed a man as the brand’s newest ambassador. And it’s not just any man- it’s Manny MUA.

Manny Gutierrez is a beauty guru who posts makeup tutorials and beauty advice on YouTube. He has over 2 million subscribers and 96 million channel views. He’s relatively new to YouTube but NetWorth reported that Gutierrez’ net worth is around $350,000. Before he had legions of followers on social media, Gutierrez was a medical school student. He dropped out in order to pursue a career in makeup.

Manny MUA x Maybelline

Idk who the hell made this ? you guys are the BEST! Love you all! ?

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Beauty company Maybelline featured Manny MUA in their campaign to launch their newest product, a mascara called Big Shot Mascara by Colossal. Gutierrez starred with fellow beauty guru Shay Mitchell in the campaign. This campaign, called That Boss Life, features Gutierrez and Mitchell getting ready for a night out with the new mascara.

Guys wearing makeup is becoming more and more popular. Aside from Gutierrez, Gabriel Zamora became the first male artist to join Michelle Phan’s beauty community Ipsy. There is also Jeffree Star, who is everywhere with his high-fashion, dramatic beauty looks, and controversies. And let’s not forget Miss Fame, the breakout star from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7. The drag queen announced that she was signed up with IMG models last year.

The Backlash

Maybelline is a globally recognized brand and its move to appoint a gay person as ambassador shocked many people. Many claimed that makeup is exclusive for women. With Gutierrez as a part of their campaign, Maybelline has taken a big step towards beauty diversity. This shows that anyone, men or women, can wear makeup.

In his interview with People, Manny MUA has something to say about those who aspire to be like him someday. “I have gone through a lot of things. I have been called a lot of names, too. Just don’t get discouraged by anyone, be confident about yourself, and love what you do,” he said.

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