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New Eminem Album 2017: Is An Oscar-Winning Album In The Making

For months, fans have been clamoring for a new Eminem album 2017. Though there have been some hints, the Detroit-based rapper hasn’t announced a release date yet. That said, fans have no choice but to hang on tighter even though the wait is starting to feel unbearable. Now, speculations are rife that Eminem is working hard on his new album, that it might include some Oscar-worthy tracks. Do you think this is causing the long wait for Em’s album?

New Eminem Album 2017: About That Oscar-Winning Track

Hot New Hip Hop published an interview with Eminem’s producer on 8 Mile. In March, the iconic track Lose Yourself became the first rap song to win the Academy Award for best original song. According to the report, Eminem worked with producer Jeff Bass for months to create the hit track.

“We started Lose Yourself in Sept. 2001 and it came out in 2002. It took about a year, back-and-forth, to complete,” Bass told the outlet. “A lot of music was completed but the vocals and the words weren’t 100 percent completed by that time. I’d say it took about a year to really develop that song.”

During the production, Bass explained that he did not expect Lose Yourself to be such a “cultural phenomenon.”

“We didn’t know why it felt so good, but it was something that felt good to us. It wasn’t until he got the script for 8 Mile where he came up with the lyrics and everything. It just came together,” Bass said.

Part of the production team included the producer’s brother Mark, who also had a “long and fruitful collaboration with Em.” The other Bass also produced song on the Marshall Mathers LP, Slim Shady LP, where he even lent his voice to skits like Public Service Announcement.

Both Bass brother believed that their work with Eminem helped break the “color barrier in hip hop.” Today, the Oscar sits alongside his Grammy trophies in their home studio.

New Eminem Album 2017: So When Is It Coming Out?

Even though there hasn’t been an official release date, the 44-year-old artist is set to make an appearance in the highly anticipated Reading & Leeds Festival this year. Music Feed notes that he could be performing new material during the event. With Eminem headlining an international music gig, fans have their hopes up that there will be a new track to be heard when he gets on stage. Reading & Leads is a very big music event and it’s rare that Eminem disappoints.

So while Eminem continues to build something awesome for all his followers, make the wait a bit more bearable and get your tickets to see him at the festival.

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