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NCIS LA: With Owen Granger Gone, Expect Changes As Tribute To Miguel Ferrer

How will NCIS LA say goodbye to one of their most vital and beloved characters in Owen Granger? After Miguel Ferrer passed away last week, fans are not only saying goodbye to such as esteemed actor, but also to the character he played for the past five years.

A new spoiler revealed that the script for NCIS LA Season 8 could be changed to pay tribute to Ferrer and his character, Owen. Though the finale episode has already been completed, it is still possible that the show will recreate the script to accommodate a fitting tribute for Ferrer. He played an NCIS assistant director since 2012, and had a huge impact on the series since he joined it.

NCIS LA: How will they cope without Owen?

Since October last year, there were rumors that NCIS LA will soon write off Ferrer’s character. Fans were wondering whether news that he has cancer was true, although the actor never confirmed it. The series, however, seems to be ready for this eventuality.

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Ferrer may not have spoken publicly about his cancer, but he sure did tell the series creators what’s happening to his health. In August, there was an episode of NCIS that talked about Owen’s illness. The doctors did not disclose it that time, but this feels like the show starting to get ready for Ferrer’s demise.

Is that cold and unfeeling for you? That’s the way Hollywood works, and Ferrer has long been part of the industry to respect and understand that. So huge was his respect for the show and its cast that he managed to think about it more than his state of health.

NCIS LA cast said their goodbyes

As the news about Ferrer spread, NCIS LA cast members thought it proper to pay their respects and homage to the 61-year-old actor. Chris O’Donnell was one of the first to post a photo of him and Ferrer on his Instagram account. He said, “We lost a good one today. Miguel, I was proud to call you my friend. I will miss you.”

LL Cool J posted a lengthy tribute on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. He talked about his friendship with Ferrer, and how they grew close after meeting his wife and kids. He said Ferrer was a “true man’s man,” and that he was glad he smiled and stayed strong until the end.

Truly, his NCIS LA co-actors are hurting over the news of his passing. Ferrer, however, lived his life to the fullest by doing what he loved the most in the world—being an actor. That was a story well written.

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