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Nadine Lustre’s Camera Stolen; Fans Request Culprit to Upload Photos

Nadine Lustre and James Reid’s Jadine Tour was a hit in all the countries that they have visited. However, an unfortunate incident happened to Lustre that made her warn her millions of followers to take care of their belongings.

Nadine Lustre Camera And Bag Stolen

A day before April Fools, Nadine Lustre’s car window was smashed and her belongings, in particular, her bag and camera were stolen in the United States. Inquirer reported that the incident happened in San Francisco, California.

The outlet noted that after the burglary, Lustre posted a tweet on her Twitter account warning her followers about leaving their valuables. The actress’ tweet reads: “Guys NEVER leave valuables in your car. It’s so easy to break windows now with a ninja rock. Lost my bag and a cam last night.”

The actress also posted a photo of her smashed car window with the tweet. Jadine followers quickly reacted to Lustre’s tweet. Some say that it’s better that the actress is safe and that she was not harmed. Meanwhile, other fans replied and tweeted that they encountered the same incident in the area and warned others to be careful.

Jadine Fans Make A Request To The Thief

Meanwhile, a fan called the burglar’s attention and asked the thief not to be selfish and upload Lustre and boyfriend, James Reid’s photos online. Other Jadine fans reacted to the request and even said if the couple’s sweet moments can be posted.

The Till I Met You star’s tweet garnered 13,000 likes and about 3,000 retweets. After a few minutes, the actress posted another tweet about the incident. “To whoever stole our stuff. Just give it back tonight and yell #aprilfools. We’ll forgive you,” the actress’ tweet reads.

Lustre and Reid started their Jadine In Love tour right after their recently concluded TV series, Till I Met You. The couple started their tour in North America. After, they will return to Dubai at the World Trade Centre on May 5.

Looking at Lustre’s Twitter account, the actress thanked fans for showing their support to their US Tour. Lustre tweeted that “so much has happened but it was definitely a great experience.”

The actress announced on her 140-character social media account that they are already back in the Philippines. There is still no news about Jadine’s upcoming project as a love team but the actress previously launched her new venture in the perfume business. Moreover, she will also start working on her new album soon.

Do you also want the thief to post Nadine Lustre and James Reid’s sweet moments online? Share your thoughts with us!

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