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Move On Drake, Jennifer Lopez Has Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez knows how to move on and rather swiftly. Before all the Drake rumors could even die down, Alex Rodriguez is in the picture as her new beau. The Ain’t Your Mama singer is holidaying with her new boyfriend in the Bahamas.

A lot of speculations were drawn about the nature of Jennifer Lopez relationship with Drake. The rapper was seen in the singer’s concerts and JLo also found rest in the arms of Drake (no metaphor, they posted a picture on Instagram). The recent Instagram posts by the 47-year-old singer is painting a different picture altogether.

The Mystery Of Instagram Post (Now Deleted)

Jennifer Lopez posted a selfie on Instagram story apparently with former baseball star Alex Rodriguez. But she quickly deleted it not before someone could take a screenshot. It shows Alex nibbling on Jlo’s ears as they seem to be relaxing in a cozy environment.

Source: People

The couple has already being christened with a new name- they are apparently called “JRod”. They are vacationing in Bakers Bay Golf & Ocean Club, 200 miles off the coast of Florida. JLo’s photos of working out in a fluorescent green gym wear are also making the rounds on the internet.

People reports that the relationship is casual as of now and they enjoy each other’s company. An insider says, “She is aware, though, that he is a ladies’ man too and is being cautious. For now, it’s just fun. She is single and enjoys dating.” Alex is a father to two girls Ella Alexander, 8, and Natasha Alexander, 12.

How Did Jennifer Lopez And Drake Relationship Go Kaput?

Fans had already begun to name the kids if Jennifer Lopez and Drake were going to be a reality. But JLo’s appearance on Ellen’s show doused all the excitement as she just called him a friend. Some reports suggest that the whole relationship was smartly grafted into the media to draw interest in an upcoming collaboration.

No official word was out about the status of the relationship between the two. Drake is a long forgotten chapter as A-Rod is now heating things up. J-Rod’s vacation time in Bahamas will be headlines for some time now. It seems like the mother of two is just getting ready to embrace love yet again.

Alex Rodriguez has dated Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz and other A-profile actresses before. JLo also recently broke up with choreographer Casper Smart.

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