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Miss Universe 2016: What’s Next For Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach

Finally, there is a new Miss Universe 2016. Pia Wurtzbach passed on her crown and many fans are wondering what she will do now. What is the Filipina beauty’s plan to do next? Will she go back to being an actress or live a peaceful life?

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach earned the title Miss Universe back in 2015. Her coronation is considered as the most controversial in the history of Miss Universe. Despite that, Wurtzbach became one of the most popular Miss Universe winners.

Miss Universe 2016: ‘Confidently Beautiful’

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ABS-CBN revealed what Pia Wurtzbach will be doing when her reign ends. Wurtzbach admitted that the things in her to-do list are rather simple. These things include taking naps and catching up with her family and friends.

“I’ll take a nap after the coronation,” Wurtzbach said, “Then invite some of my family and friends so we can catch up. We haven’t spent a lot of time with each other recently.”

Wurtzbach also said that she will sell the dresses she wore during her reign as Miss Universe. The earned money will go to the indigents of Cagayan de Oro, her hometown. Paula Shugart, the chief of Miss Universe Organization, claimed that the garage sale was Wurtzbach’s idea and that the organization will support it.

“I didn’t get to have a homecoming in Cagayan de Oro,” the beauty queen said, “So the money will go to them.”

Pia Wurtzbach: “I signed up with IMG”

During Miss Universe 2016, Wurtzbach made a revelation while onstage with host Steve Harvey. According to the beauty queen, she signed up with IMG, a talent company based in New York. The said company also holds the event franchise of Miss Universe.

“It is a remarkable year and I have really grown as a woman,” Wurtzbach said, “Being in Miss Universe has opened a lot of doors for me. I just signed with IMG and I am very excited for that. I hope that people will continue to support me even after I pass the crown.”

After Wurtzbach’s revelation, she then teased Steve Harvey, “Steve, thank you for making me the most popular Miss Universe.” Harvey replied, “Thank you for making me the most popular host of Miss Universe.”

The slogan for this year’s Miss Universe, Confidently Beautiful, was taken after Wurtzbach’s answer during the Q and A for the Top 3. The question to the top 3 candidates inquired why they should be the next Miss Universe. For those who need a refresher, this is a short excerpt from Wurtzbach’s answer that earned her the crown. “I want to show the world, the universe rather, that I am confidently beautiful with a heart,” Wurtzbach had said.

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