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Miss A: Poster Is Missing From JYP Building; Fans Wonder If They’re Next To Go

Miss A is currently on a hiatus but fans are worried for the girl group’s status in JYP Entertainment. Former member Jia left last year and it seems like JYP is focusing all of their efforts in promoting Suzy. With all of these happening, disbandment rumors began to circulate around the group.

The popular girl group debuted back in 2010, making them label mates of 2PM and Wonder Girls. Back then, the group consists of four members: Fei, Jia, Min and Suzy. They had activities in China prior to their official debut with the song Bad Girl Good Girl. Their latest single, Only You, garnered more than two million views within 24 hours of its release.

Miss A Poster: It’s Gone Now

JYP Entertainment is known to put up posters of their artists outside their building. On Feb. 5, Miss A’s poster for Colors was replaced by Suzy’s Yes? No? This already happened before with Wonder Girls before their disbandment. Their Why So Lonely poster was taken down before the expiration of their contracts. JYP’s action stirred many fans’ suspicions, causing them to think that the legendary girl group will disband soon. Unfortunately, the prediction came true. The members of Wonder Girls did not renew their contracts and parted ways after ten years.

Suzy is currently promoting Yes No Maybe while Fei came out with a solo album, Fantasy, last July 2016. The album’s production was headed by J.Y Park himself. On the other hand, Min is relatively quiet. As a group, the members had no recent comebacks ever since Jia left JYP Entertainment.

Will They Disband?

The big question looms in fans’ minds: will they disband like Wonder Girls?

The question could not be helped, especially since the group has been inactive since Jia’s departure. However, the company stated in a press release last year that the members will focus more on independent activities. According to the statement, Miss A “will remain together and will mainly have solo activities.”

Despite the group’s success all throughout the years, fans are still suspicious about disbandment rumors. Some blame that the agency focuses too much on Suzy. However, there is no official statement from JYP Entertainment or from Fei, Min and Suzy. Nobody can tell what will happen in the future and only JYP Entertainment and the members themselves know what’s in store for them in the future.

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