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Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth: Couple Going Strong As Valentine’s Nears, Breakup Rumors Be Damned

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth love story will make one’s head spin for some time. They fell in love and then out of love, got engaged and then drew apart and came back together again. After all the ups and downs, it is reported that the couple is finally getting married.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are finally tying the knot (hopefully). Off late, the singer is very active on social media and posting pictures with her to-be-husband. She is also socializing with Hemsworth’s family.

Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth: Wedding Details

There were strong rumors that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth got married on New Year’s Eve. Cyrus’ mysterious hashtag #in-laws set the rumor mills buzzing. However, a report later came in that both the families were spending a good time together.

Miley Cyrus may have a flamboyant image on-screen but sources suggest that she holds a traditional view of marriage. She is not interested in having a short-term relationship with Hemsworth. For her marriage is a lifetime commitment. A source told, “She’s adamant that she doesn’t want to get divorced, so she wants to make sure when she eventually gets married it actually means forever.”

Break-up Reports- They Just Don’t End!

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth called off their engagement in 2013. They got back together in 2016. Since the reconciliation, the couple has been spotted together quite a lot of times. But wedding preparations brings either the best or the worst out of a couple.

One of the tabloids reported that the couple has been fighting about their future post marriage. Star Magazine reports, “They’re constantly fighting and can’t seem to agree on anything. Miley wants to live in L.A., but Liam wants to go back to Australia. She thinks they should just elope, while he wants a proper wedding. They’re a mess!” However, another tabloid debunked those claims and a source close to the couple said that all is fine with them.

Miley Cyrus Instagram is good for the ones who spend enough time and love stalking celebrities. It is clear from her social media accounts that she is a big animal lover. Recently she called out New York Fashion Week Designers on using fur.

Miley Cyrus is also an LGBT activist and was seen in Women’s March that was held in various cities of USA.

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