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Miguel Ferrer Stroke Debunked and is Granger the Mole in NCISLA?

There are rumors surrounding the issue of NCIS: LA actor Miguel Ferrer stroke. Many are worried about his health and his future in the show. Fans began to speculate about his illness when he started having slurred speech in the last few episodes.

Some say that he is suffering from a stroke which is why his speech is sometimes inaudible. Some rumors also say that he is suffering from cancer given the actor’s history of the disease among his parents.

Earlier this season, NCIS: LA announced that a major character will be leaving the show. This sparked theories and rumors that Miguel Ferrer will be saying goodbye to his fans from the show. This also heightened speculations on the Miguel Ferrer stroke controversy.

Even though the actor is close-lipped regarding this issue, TrippedMedia will debunk these crazy rumors and will give you evidence as to why this can’t be true.

Rumor 1: The actor is suffering from colon cancer?

This piece of information started because of the actor’s evident weight loss and he has a history of colon cancer in his family. Jose Ferrer, the NCIS: LA actor’s late father, died of colon cancer at the age of 80.

Colon cancer has a very low risk of inheritance if it’s only one close relative and was diagnosed under the age of 50. Jose Ferrer could not have been diagnosed during his 40s or 50’s. Those years were the peak of his career appearing in one show to another.

Rumor 2: Ferrer supports cancer survivors so he must be a cancer patient, too?

Another cancer victim in Ferrer’s family was her mother, Rosemary Clooney. This could be the reason why Ferrer wants to raise awareness of cancer diseases. Clooney’s cancer, however, was lung cancer which resulted from her excessive smoking. Besides, cancer is a disease that not only affects the patient but also the family.

Medication and chemotherapy cost a lot and the process takes away the happiness from the person’s face. Everybody must absolutely raise awareness towards this disease.

Meanwhile, going back to the issue, is the Miguel Ferrer stroke controversy really true?

Rumor 3: Miguel Ferrer as Owen Granger might be the mole?


This tweet from a fan was retweeted by the real Miguel Ferrer himself. After Season 8 Episode 10 of the series, the crew is now closer to figuring out who the mole is. At the end of the episode, Ferrer was in a bar where he met “Ray” and was trying to lure her out.

Not revealing the show’s spoilers is one thing, but it is highly unlikely that Ferrer would intentionally mislead his fans into thinking otherwise.

This could all be just a conspiracy!

We still don’t know if Miguel Ferrer will be the one leaving the show, but lately, he’s been in the spotlight ever since his character was turned 180 degrees from being despised to being loved. His character Owen Granger also has a disease in the show itself and only Hetty knows about it

As per some avid viewers, the issue of Miguel Ferrer stroke could be just a gimmick to heighten the impact when Granger suddenly dies. After all, it’s an obvious trend in most TV shows these days. They will make you love a character only to kill him/her afterwards.

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