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Miguel Ferrer Health Update: Actor’s Current Condition Revealed

Miguel Ferrer Health Update: Is the actor ill?

Ferrer, who currently plays Assistant Director Owen Granger in the show NCIS: Los Angeles, is the target of rumors recently. These rumors have been around ever since the possibility that his character will die in the show, which can indicate that Ferrer is accommodating a real-life sickness.

Ever since the actor showed some speech difficulties in the recent episodes of season 8, fans began to question if he had a stroke or is suffering from an illness related to the heart. Are the rumors true or are they just products of over-analyzing?

Where did the rumors begin?

Rumors began when avid viewers of the show took note of Ferrer’s indistinct way of speaking and how unstable he looked. His lack of appearance in the series further cemented these rumors, convincing fans that the actor may suffering from something serious. For those who have been long-time fans of Ferrer,  they know that his father passed away due to colon cancer. This caused many fans to speculate that Ferrer contracted something similar to his father’s.

The Cancer History

Miguel Ferrer Health Update

Picture Credit: Screenshot from Miguel Ferrer’s official Twitter Account

Ever since his father succumbed to colon cancer in 1992, Ferrer became active in helping out cancer patients and their caregivers in making important medical decisions. He is also helping in educating them and providing them financial assistance.

His father, award-winning actor Jose Ferrer, died from the complications of colon cancer. His mother, renowned pop music singer Rosemary Clooney, passed away due to lung cancer in 2002. This could be the reason why Ferrer’s fans are making theories that he may be suffering from the same ailment.

However, there were no confirmations whether these rumors are true or not. No one from NCIS: Los Angeles or Ferrer’s camp were making any comments about these allegations. In an article from Morning Ledger, the actor seems happy and doesn’t look like his health is going downhill. Ferrer himself is also keeping his lips sealed over the issue. He has not released an official statement as of the moment and fans respect his silence.

Catch Ferrer and the rest of the cast on the tenth episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, which will air next week!



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