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Miguel Ferrer Health: This Is What We Actually Know

Fans of NCIS LA are becoming more worried for Miguel Ferrer, who portrays Owen Granger. Ever since the actor was spotted having speech difficulties and a frail appearance, Miguel Ferrer health rumors began to pop up on the internet. There are also concerns that the actor might leave the show due to his “health condition”.

Owen Granger has been one of the main cast since season 4. Granger has earned a warm spot among fans as the reliable assistant director of NCIS. If ever the health rumors are true, then NCIS LA might have to say goodbye to Miguel Ferrer.

Miguel Ferrer Health: What Has Been Confirmed So Far

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It has been a long while since the Miguel Ferrer health issues appeared on the internet. The rumors began when fans of NCIS LA took note of the actor “slurring” his words and his apparent frail look. Various media outlets then took up the rumors, creating widespread speculations that Miguel Ferrer is indeed sick. In addition to that, there are also rumors that Ferrer suffered from a stroke.

In addition to that, there are also whispers that Owen Granger will be killed off in the show. LL Cool J, who portrays Sam Hanna, hinted that someone in NCIS LA Season 8 will go. With this confirmation and Ferrer’s rumored condition, fans began to worry that they will say goodbye to Owen Granger in the show.

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Why Is Miguel Ferrer Quiet About The Issue?

Miguel Ferrer fans know that the Ferrer family has a history of cancer. His father died due to colon cancer while his mother succumbed to lung cancer. Fans are worried that Ferrer may be battling a similar condition.

However, there were no confirmations from either Miguel Ferrer or from CBS. The actor has made no comment about his alleged sickness so fans can take the news with a grain of salt. However, his silence over the health rumors is unnerving fans already. What could be the truth? Is Miguel Ferrer sick or is he perfectly fine?

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