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Michelle Phan: Take A Look At Her Makeup Journey

If you are an online beauty junkie, then you might have heard of Michelle Phan. For anyone who’s been in the beauty community, it’s impossible not to know her. She is one of YouTube’s most prominent underdog-to-success stories thanks to her videos and businesses in the beauty industry.

Born on April 11, 1987, Phan is considered as one of the pioneers among the makeup gurus on YouTube. She is best known for her makeup tutorials but she also gives advice on career and relationships. She co-founded Ipsy, a company that gives out makeup samples for their subscribers, and has her own makeup line called “EM”.

Michelle Phan: Where It All Began

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Before she was a YouTube icon, Phan used to wait on tables and makeup was just an interest of hers. She applied in a makeup company but didn’t get in because of her “lack of experience”. After that, she started a makeup blog, which became a video, and found her calling. Her very first video gained 40,000 views and more than a hundred comments. Phan then decided to continue making videos about makeup.

Phan has currently more than 8 million subscribers and is the first female YouTuber who reached 1 billion views on her channel. Her makeup videos range from natural daytime looks, evening getaways, and transforming into famous characters. Her most-viewed video, where she taught her viewers to transform into Barbie, was uploaded 7 years ago and amassed 65 million views.

She also co-founded Ipsy, a company that sends makeup bags to their subscribers. These subscribers pay $10 a month and the samples are hand-picked by Michelle Phan and a team of beauty gurus. She also has her own makeup line called “EM”, which is currently being revamped after L’Oreal sold the brand to Ipsy back in 2015.

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Where is Michelle Now?

As of the moment, Michelle Phan is not uploading videos on her YouTube channel. According to Fashionista, the beauty icon finds it a challenge to maintain her channel while keeping her businesses in check. Michelle also said that even though she will not focus on doing makeup tutorials, she will be posting videos about life experiences, career advices, and trend reports in the future. She may not be active on YouTube anymore, but it’s clear that Michelle has a great future ahead of her soaring career.

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